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Florida Conference for Women

May 14, 2009 by Kelly

Even though I had read about the Florida Conference for Women, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. I knew who was talking, what they were going to be talking about, and what time. But with it being my first conference ever, I was a little nervous.

The morning started with Barbara West (WFTV-ABC Orlando) and Alex Sink (FL CFO) welcoming everyone and Alex Sink hinting that she may be running for FL Governor (which we all know is true now).

Then the opening keynotes. Tory Johnson and Ariane de Bonvoision.
Tory Johnson is the founder of Women for Hire and is on Good Morning America as the Workplace Contributor. From giving quotes like “Women think negate is the same thing as a root canal.” to three things we should all do in our daily lives: Self Promotion, Networking, Negotiation, made her keynote wonderful.
Ariane de Bonvoisin is the founder of First30Days. Ariane is all about change. Positive change. With a quote from Plato, “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”, Ariane is very inspirational.

My 1st session of the day was “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”. We learned about non-verbal communication from an expert, Jan Hargrave. She has written books called “Let Me See Your Body Talk” and “Judge the Jury“. Her talk was amazing. Funny. Informational. Tale-tell signs. If I see you next time and ask you to hold your hand up..don’t be surprised!

Session number two was “The Tools of Change”. Keynote speaker Ariane de Bonvoisin ran this session. As I stated before, she is the queen of change. Ariane went through the 9 Tools for Change, which come from her book The First 30 Days.
1. People who are good at change are open-minded.
2. Change guarantee. From this change, something good will come.
3. People who are good at change are stronger. Everyone has a change muscle, which has a memory, which will get stronger as more changes come into your life.
4. People who are good at change do not get stuck in an emotional circle. People who are good at change allow themselves to be human. The emotion you’re resisting is ruining your life.
–Antidotes: Fear is faith, anytime of faith. Doubt is surrender. Impatience is endurance. Blame is responsibility. Shame is honor. Guilt is forgiveness, who and what are you forgiving for?
5. People who are good at change let go of resistance. We are all moving in the river called life. Some of us flow down the river and then cling to a rock, and others start flowing down the river and start rowing back upstream. Don’t worry! The river will take you in the right direction. “When you argue with reality, you only lose 100% of the time.”
6. People who are good at change know what they can control and what they can’t control. We can all control the words that we use, instead of being negative we can say, “What can I learn from this?” If you drop the story that you’ve been telling forever, you WILL get change.
7. People who are good at change know that there is something bigger going on. The answers are on the inside. We have the answers inside of us.
8. People who are good at change are not alone. You don’t show up naked to your change. We’ve all had changes, maybe even that SAME change. Ask yourself “Who is on your team?”. It probably isn’t your parents, spouse, friend. It’s going to be people that want to help you change. Who are your 3 go to people?
9. People who are good at change take action. We need inspiration, not information. Take care of yourself! SEEDSleep, Exercise, Eat well, Drink water
As you can tell, we got a LOT of information in a very short hour session.

During lunch, we had another two great keynote speakers. Julie Stav who is a financial expert, whom just so happened to drop her pants at the end of her talk. And also the author of The Middle Place, Kelly Corrigan, talked about her life, her battles and then read us two chapters from her book. Any author that can right about battling cancer and also make someone laugh in the same sentence is amazing to me!

“What Happy Working Mothers Know” was my third and final session of the day. The moderator was Cathy Greenberg, who wrote the book “What Happy Working Mothers Know”. The panelists included: Lisa Hein (author, “I’m Doing the Best I Can!“), Jayne Rager Garcia de Valseca (speaker), and Renee Trudeau (author, “The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal“). All 4 of these women told stories about their lives. The hard times and the worst times. The one that sticks out the most is the one about Jayne’s life and husband (see video below).

We ended the day at the career fair with a windstorm (literally!) All day was wonderful. Had a tweetup with good friends Melanie (@modernmami) and Susan (@eggmarketing). And made friends with twitter-ers: Tara (@taralamberson), Kim (@momsatwork), Elsa (@elsaodette) and Elizabeth (@elizabethb).

Were you there? What sessions did you attend? Who was your favorite speaker? Are there any changes that you would make for next years Florida Conference for Women? Would you attend next years?

Pictures can be found in the gallery.

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    I love that you took videos!

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