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  1. No Photos

    June 27, 2012 by Kelly

    Posting a picture each day was making me quite happy.

    I was able to relive moments that I had somewhat forgotten while going through some older pictures.

    However, I feel as though I’ve been forcing myself to find pictures to post. Since we’ll be on vacation this week I am giving myself a break, so when we get back I can see how I want to handle posting pictures.

    My first thought is (which will probably be what will/should happen) to post pictures as I take them. That will hopefully give me a greater drive to take more photos and think outside the box.

    Where do you find inspiration? People? Places? Things? Randomly?

  2. Upcoming Plans

    May 16, 2012 by Kelly

    Hopefully someone has been enjoying my pictures since I’ve been loving putting them up daily. They are kind of all over the place and from over the past few years so it’s fun to go back through my pictures and relive some memories.

    Over the last month or so I was camera-less. Well, I had my point and shoot (which I love dearly) and my iphone (which I don’t love the pictures from that..obviously), but my super fantastic Canon 7D was missing! I searched the house up and down. We searched the cars. I asked my friends to look in their cars. No luck. But then…I decided to fold the socks one day instead of leaving them in the basket that they were in and what do you know, my camera was found. Lesson learned: I won’t let the clean socks just sit around anymore.

    On to happier things…

    Jeff’s family will be coming into town later this week and I’ll be able to overload on taking pictures!! Disney, SeaWorld, beach…who knows what else. I can’t wait!

    Oh and you know what else I can’t wait for…we leave for New York in 40 days! I get to spend my birthday in a place Jeff nor I have been to before!! I booked our flights back in March and just earlier this week our room was booked. Now, if we could just figure out what we’ll be doing while we’re there. Any “can’t miss” spots in the city?

    I’m really happy that we’ll be in a new place that I can get picture crazy!

    I hope you’re ready for New York picture overload come July ;)

    Something else I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to start getting a focus on is something I started a long time ago. Photog Help Blog. I have posts written on paper somewhere around here..maybe I should check the sock drawer?

  3. Cheetah Hunt – Busch Gardens

    May 30, 2011 by Kelly

    Blogging allows me to post the pictures that I want to and the feelings that I want to (here and over at

    It’s just a bonus that I get invited to some awesome events.

    And let me tell you what, Busch Gardens letting us bloggers/twitter users come to full on media events (TONS of radio tents set up) is AMAZING.

    After we checked in we got our own escort to take us to each of the interviews and to show us around. Craziness.

    Anyway, the ride is fantastic. It is a TON of fun and quite fast, yet tame. As in, I think my mom would even like this ride, but roller coaster enthusiast would also love this ride.

    Here’s some facts that you’ll see while waiting in the queue line.

    And let me just say, before you watch the video, I am so awkward. And putting me in front of a camera is even worse. I obnoxiously nod my head at everything and chime in too much. Seriously..what is wrong with me?? :)


    The ride itself is super smooth and I have to say I think my favorite part is when we were “pretending to be a cheetah” (per my quote from the video..)

    If you’ve had the opportunity to ride Cheetah Hunt, let me know what you thought. And if you haven’t, does my screaming and laughing my head off make you want to go ride this any sooner?? :)


  4. Babycakes NYC SweetUp

    February 23, 2011 by Kelly

    A few weeks ago, after I approached the general manager, Emily, at one of the newest spots at Downtown Disney – Babycakes NYC – I got so excited to help put on the 2nd Orlando SweetUp.

    The idea behind a SweetUp is to get Twitter users/friends together to enjoy sweets. Honestly, that’s it.

    Thankfully Babycakes NYC is a perfect place for this.

    Everyone that came to the SweetUp on Sunday, February 20th got to try a brownie bite for free and also received 10% off their purchases, which is a pretty sweet deal (no pun intended.)

    From what I saw, everyone was enjoying lots of different goodies. From cookies to donuts to cups of cakes.

    About 30 people showed up and it seemed that everyone had a great time!

    Thanks again to everyone who came out. And if you’re interested in holding a tweetup like this please let me know – you can contact me at or find me on twitter at @sweetuporlando

    Please be sure to check out TheDailyCity’s video from when they came out!

  5. Maryellen Hooper

    January 4, 2011 by Kelly

    Jeff works with some really great people. And one of them is married to a comedian. A very funny comedian. One that has been on tv shows and toured with some awesome people. Her name… Maryellen Hooper. Her blog… Stinky Flowers. A lot of her jokes are about family life and her kids (who knew kid jokes could be THAT funny!)

    Like I told her the first night, she was one of the few, if only, comedian that we’ve seen get continuous laughs. It just doesn’t happen often.

    But anyway.. before that I was asked by Maryellen to bring my camera to the show to get some pictures <which of course I don’t like being WITHOUT my camera, so I said yes!> So here I was walking about the Improv like I owned the place. People were moving out of my way so I could get pictures..”well okay then, if you insist.”

    So without further ado and no more rambling.. some of the pictures I took.

    Time to change outfits…. or days…

    You can find Maryellen at the sites posted above and also on twitter!

    The rest of the pictures can be found on my flickr page.